Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yogi: It's Not Over Till It Is Over!

Well, yesterday we celebrated the last day of Christmas all day and all night so this morning Jack and I both slept in till almost 9:00 A.M. (one of the bennies of retirement life) and so I am just getting my daily post up.
Jennifer Mary with Jack Aidan in tow and with her bright red Red Sox sweatshirt showed up on our doorstep very early in the morning. Jack Aidan starts his play day early. So we shelved our plans for the day and spent time visiting with Jenn and playing with grandson Jack. I fixed a nice lunch but before lunch we had coffee and warm freshly baked gingerbread. Well, just have to treat yourself on the very last day of Christmas!

Jack Aidan loves this little car. Under the hood he stashes all his Beatrix Potter little books and other things he finds as he roams my house like ornaments from the tree and table decor.
Jack, where's my ornament?
Grandma I say ball and you say ornament. Ornament is too hard for a 17 month old baby to pronounce.
Well, OK, now show off your flashing shoes.
(Grandma tried to get a shot of the shoes flashing while he danced but she missed big time.)
Late in the afternoon Jack and I drove 45 miles back to Alexandria in the pouring rain to watch a very important basketball game. The Hayfield Hawks hosted the Lake Braddock Bruins. What a game. Remember that old song of 1965 I Can't Get No Satisfaction?
Well that is how I felt throughout the game. I was seriously torn between rooting for the home team, the Hawks, since our two daughters graduated from Hayfield Secondary in the Alexandria part of Fairfax County and rooting for the away team, Lake Braddock Bruins, since their coach Brian Metress used to be such an outstanding coach at Hayfield and because we think he is still a great coach and great Latin teacher and all around nice guy.
One moment I was cheering Hawks and the next moment I was cheering the Bruins. Who won? The Hayfield Hawks. Who went home frustrated? Jack and Joann. Other than that I had a very, very good last day of Christmas.



I agree. Fairfax County is a wonderful place to teach!

Sounds like a fabulous last day of Christmas! I celebrated by doing laundry and going to basketball practice. Every day is a celebration at my house!! Ha ha.

Holy COW! I just noticed it is SNOWING here!!!

Jack and Joann said...

Yep, but just a dusting so far1 Joann

Susie of Arabia said...

Jack Aidan is such a handsome young man!