Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remember the Titans Part I

Do you remember that great movie starring Denzel Washington where the setting was Alexandria, VA and the plot was the true story of the integration of Alexandria City Schools in the mid '70s? What a great movie. Today T.C. Williams is a very multicultural school. Hayfield Secondary always played T. C. Williams in football and basketball and Hayfield always had to have their game on to compete with the Titans.
Last night Jack and I drove 45 miles from Haymarket, VA east to Alexandria, VA and King Street to watch the Titans play against Lake Braddock in men's basketball. This is the visiting team's bench with Brian Metress the head coach standing. On the bench are two of Jeanine's classmates: Cornell Felton and Steve Miles who both now are assistant coaches for their old Hayfield coach, Mr. Metress.

See all the kids standing. This is T. C. Williams students standing throughout the game to cheer and pump the team. Actually the team doesn't need pumping up. They were the Virginia AAA State Champions in Mens Basketball for 2007-2008. The AAA Division is for the largest high schools in the state.
T.C. Williams has a brand spanking new high school building that is on the cutting edge of technology, biology, sports, etc. The basketball floor was so shining it reflected the images of the players.
Later tonight I will post Part II of Remember the Titans. Right now we are off to celebrate my hubby's 64'th birthday.

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