Saturday, August 2, 2008

1490 - 2008 The Caritey Family Tree

We will climb the family tree and find some folks. We will find big apples, little apples, bad apples and good apples and a good story or two about each one. We begin with Jean Caritey in Vesoul, France who was born in 1490 approximately---before Christopher Columbus discovered America! Here we go.

1. Jean Caritey, born near Vesoul, France in 1490. Married who and when?
2. Nicolas Caritey, born near Vesoul, France about 1510. Married who and when?
3. Humbert Caritey, born about 1560 married Claudine Melay.
4. Valentine Caritey, born about 1590. Married who and when?
5. Valbert Caritey, born about 1635 married Anne Monier in Villersexel, France in 1660.
6. Jean Claude Caritey, born 1676 first married Marie Roy in Villersexel in 1704? When Marie Roy Caritey died, Jean Claude Caritey married Francoise Despore in Frahier, France around 1710. This shows a link to
my mother's Despore (Dapore) family tree.
7. Etienne Caritey, born May 3, 1712 married Eve Pequignot in 1740.
8. Francois Caritey, born in 1752 married Jeanne Francoise Pequignot in 1791. (We are now up to the American Revolution.)
9. Jean Baptiste Caritey, born July 13, 1796. This is our ancestor who immigrated to the United States in his old age after his first wife died. He lived in Frahier, France and married Francoise Josephine Grisey in 1830. They had eight children but only three survived to become teenagers. When his first wife died and the potato blight was sweeping through the French countryside killing both the potato and wheat crops, Jean Baptiste Caritey booked passage to the port of New York from a French port. On the way to America Jean met and fell in love with Rozella Rosen on board the ship. They landed in New York. They got married. Rozella got pregnant. Jean found a job as a day laborer digging wells in New York City to save money to send for his three teenage children in Frahier. Meanwhile the immigration authorities had misspelled his name so that now he was registered as Jean Baptiste Gariety. Then tragedy struck. A well that Jean was digging caved in and Jean was killed. His widow had to strike out for western Ohio where she knew there were French communities and Jean Baptiste had a cousin, Augustin Caritey. Rozella became a servant to a French family in Frenchtown, Ohio but when it came time to give birth to her dead husband's child, she walked from Frenchtown, Ohio to Newport, Ohio through the snows of January to give birth at Augustin Caritey's farmhouse. Rozella gave birth on January 20, 1856 to a boy and named him Jean Baptiste Gariety. Later the Jean would be Anglicized to John. Rozella later married a Miller and had four more children.
10. Jean (John) Baptiste Gariety II, born on January 20, 1856, married on January 20, 1880 Mary Elizabeth Francis at Holy Family Catholic Church in Frenchtown, Ohio.
11. Leo A. Gariety,born November 23, 1903 on a farm near Newport, Ohio married Theresa Dapore on August 3, 1926 at St. Remy Church in Russia, Ohio. Leo Gariety had 11 siblings: Elizabeth, Francis, Margaret, Emma, John, Clara, Julius, Lawrence, Alice, Florence and Viola. Leo and Viola were the two youngest children. The only child still alive is Viola Gariety Luthman who will be 103 this fall.
12. Joann Gariety, born on the farm near Russia, Ohio married Jack L. Shipley of Hale, Missouri on April 15, 1974 at St. Sebastion's Catholic Church in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Joann had three older brothers, Paul, Carl and Harold and one older sister, Mary Ellen.
13. Jennifer Mary Shipley was born in 1976.
13. Jeanine Marie Shipley was born in 1980.

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