Saturday, August 2, 2008

John Baptiste Gariety and His Five Sons

John Baptiste Gariety and his five sons standing in front of the barn on the family farm. From left to right: Francis Gariety, John Gariety, father John Baptiste Gariety, Julius Gariety, Lawrence Gariety and Leo Gariety.

Lawrence Gariety at age two was stricken with a childhood disease either diptheria or scarlet fever, which affected his hearing and speech and he was deaf and dumb all of his life. He never married but lived with brothers and sisters till his death on March 16, 1972.


Wanda said...

The stories these young men could tell... I'd sit and listen for hours if I could.

Michael and Amber said...

I stumbled across your blog as I searched online. It was great to see a picture that sits atop our entertainment center at home. My father was Norbert, whose father was Julius, whose father was John Baptiste Gariety. Your blog made my day. Thanks.