Friday, August 15, 2008

Miniature Farm Animals and A Big Appetite

After we went through the children's barn we discovered some more cute animals in another barn. I really liked the miniature brown horse and the two miniature cows. Miniature cows? I've never seen miniature cows before. Baby Jack said he hadn't either. We never did find Charlotte the Spider or her famous web. See what I mean. Those barns were just too fresh and clean. Not like a real barn on a farm. But it sure would have been nice if someone had written some pig above that black potbellied pig!

Our grandson got hot and thirsty and so did we so we trooped over to the food tents and had some barbecue ribs and a dish of ice cream. Here is our hot and sweaty little man sampling Mommy's ice cream. I wish he could tell us what he thought of the fair and all the kids and animals. Maybe next year he will have some words in his vocabulary besides Mama and Dada and Cat. Hmmmmmmmm.....we didn't see any barn cats.

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