Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Jack at the Fair

Grandpa had a great time taking Baby Jack into the children's petting barn to see some of the littlest and gentlest farm animals on display. Lots of families were in this barn so they had to wait in line until the crowd cleared. Baby Jack seemed to realize that that was what they had to do if they wanted to see the farm animals, so he didn't seem to mind. Notice that our little boy doesn't have any shoes on at this point. He seemed to like the feel of the fresh straw. Thank goodness it was very fresh and not sullied with manure!

There was this very fat black potbellied pig that all the kids wanted to see and pet. With grandpa's help Baby Jack got right up there and petted the pig. I don't think a regular pig would have been so accommodating unless it was Wilbur the Pig from Charlottes's Web.

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