Monday, August 11, 2008

Black Knight's Butterfly

This butterfly bush is called The Black Knight. Along came a yellow butterfly to sample its blossoms. Photo taken from my dining room window. Is it just me or does it seem that all the news you hear and read about these days is so gosh darn depressing. We need to be informed citizens of the world. However, scandals, political accusations, bizarre beheadings, outbreaks of war, horrific traffic accidents---sometimes the news gets to be too much to take. Then I find it is nice to take a break from all that bad news and just look out the window and watch nature at its best. Black Knight's Butterfly---just what the doctor ordered. Or God.

You know---I think that is another reason why so many people blog today. They want to spread some good news about their family and friends at work and play. To spread the word about life that is not lived in the fast lane or reported on in the corporate owned media. (Again, you need to click on each photo to get a real closeup look.)


fishing guy said...

J&J: You are right that the news does get depressing. At least we have nature and the Olympics to keep us going.

D.C. Confidential said...

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you get a chance to visit Lincoln's Cottage soon. Great pictures of the butterfly! I just visited the butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD, and had a great time. I understand there's also a good exhibit at the Natural History Museum downtown.

Wanda said...

Oh you are so right.... the news is so depressing. I like to step out in my back yard, and see the birds, a new flower beginning to bloom, a squirrel asleep on the limb and escape the TV and Newspaper for a while and just wish it was like this all the time.

Thanks for a delight picture of your Black Knights....they are so beautiful.....!

Jenn K said...

Great picture of the butterfly!