Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympic Chatter V

The second week of the Olympic games seems anti-climatic after Phelps's swim for the gold last week. However the Jamaican runner, Usain Bolt, was fun to watch run and win and do his victory lap. He now has three gold medals from these games.

Every time I saw the ladies beach volleyball team I wanted to jump thru the TV and cover those girls up with a t-shirt. Just way too much skin being shown on beach volleyball by these women. And this is what probably makes Saudi Arabia leave all its women at home. The U.S. ladies did get gold though in beach volleyball.

The U.S. basketball teams are now making their run for the gold. I hope they do it. We saw that Kara Lawson from West Springfield High School here in Northern Virginia made 11 points in one game. Yea, Kara! She also seems to be the team spokesperson at these games.

I wonder what the Chinese have planned for the closing ceremony. Can they top their opener? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the Olympic chatter is giving away to political chatter and the VP choices for both parties. Anyway you slice it the race for the White House will be a big Olympic feat for either candidate. Have you thought about it? Which candidate would you run thru the streets carrying the torch for in this event? Or are you in a funk because your choice didn't make it to the finals.

The women's basketball team took the gold and Kara Lawson scored the most points in that game! The men's basketball took the gold and reclaimed title of the dream team.

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