Saturday, August 2, 2008

Leo A. Gariety Weds Theresa Dapore August 3, 1926

Formal Wedding Portrait
Leo A. Gariety and Teresa Ellen Dapore
August 3, 1926
St. Remy Catholic Church
Russia, Ohio

This is my mother and father on their wedding day 82 years ago today.
My father had his hair slicked back and was wearing a three piece suit My mother wore a short flapper dress with a long veil that had fresh orange blossoms in the headpiece. White hose and shoes completed her ensemble.She carried a large bouquet of long stem roses. The bride's younger brother, Lawrence Dapore, was the best man for my father while the groom's younger sister, Viola Gariety, was the maid of honor for the bride. The officiant for the ceremony at St. Remy Church was Father Ratterman.

My mother always told us children two incidents that occurred on her wedding day that she did not like. One, when the photographer was taking this photo her headpiece fell forward across her forehead and it looked like she was peeking out from her veil. She always remarked that someone should have noticed this and pushed the headpiece back a bit. Two, Father Ratterman who was known for having a very quick temper became angry with the young servers when it was time to present and bless the bride's wedding ring because they were being slow. So after he blessed the ring he threw the glass holy water shaker on the church sanctuary floor where it shattered and broke into a million pieces and made a loud crashing sound. This incident shook up both my father and mother who would always remember and tell this story with distaste. Today it makes me think of the breaking of glass at a Jewish wedding ceremony.


Anonymous said...

I guess the father was short tempered but I wonder why such a public outburst?

It is a lovely photograph.

Wanda said...

What a great story and the photo is priceless..

Anger issues way back then too? :)


fishing guy said...

Joann: Thanks for sharing your linage both in words and pphotos. those are some great memories to be cherished.