Sunday, October 26, 2008

Airlie House Near Warrenton, VA

Beautiful pathways and flower beds with many still blooming perennials lining the walkways.

My husband Jack enjoying a southern style swing on a wide verandah of one of the guest lodges at Airlie House.

Upper deck of the pool house with pool with view of the lake thru the big old pine trees. On Sunday afternoon I showed you outside photos of Airlie House near Warrenton. This afternoon I am showing you inside photos of Airlie House which today is run as a green conference center away from the hubbub of Washington D.C. for many business organizations and government related organizations. Above is the old family dining room used by the last owners of this house.

Jack discovered Airlie in the 90's on an EPA conference he attended at Airlie. He was so impressed with this resort style conference center about 50 miles due west of Washington that the very weekend that he returned home from his conference he brought me to Airlie House to experience its fine facilities.This is the beautiful dining room where chefs prepare grand foods to be served buffet style for the guest staying at the conference center. The spacious windows overlook the grounds and lake. Below is a nicely terraced path leading to the front entrance of Airlie House with the Spanish steps. Last Saturday the weather was perfect for exploring once again this grand facility and exploring the buildings as well as the grounds. Here is a conference group listening intently to their leader discuss something. I know not what but I did notice that this was an almost all Asian group so maybe it was a business group from Asia here for a conference Here are the Canadian geese enjoying the lake under trees with leaves turning yellow and red. I found a white swan taking a little late morning siesta before her next swim and she had on an identification tag of some sort.
Click here to learn more about Airlie House and Conference Center or to schedule your business conference at this awardwinning green conference center. You will learn that this is one of the oldest conference centers in the United States.


Anonymous said...

I visited the lovely state of Virginia a couple of times over the years. It is always so beautiful. Love the big trees and stately houses.

I've added your blog to my Bloglines subscriptions.



I think I've been there for a wedding. It's lovely! As usual, your pictures are fabulous.

After seeing the pics of Old Man Lincoln's home on his blog I am inspired to take some of my own home. We're so busy, documenting events, that we forget things like that are important too. It will be interesting to see how things change, as the years go by. I was thinking I'd clean up before shooting, but you know, why not remember it as it really is??!