Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bradford Railroaders Do Washington D.C.

Blow The Train Whistles!
The Bradford Railroaders Rolled Into
Washington D.C.

The Bradford Railroaders came from Bradford, Ohio for their exciting week of touring Washington D. C. Standing beside me is my niece Debbie Gariety Wirrig, the daughter of my brother Carl Gariety and his wife Esther Gariety of Russia, Ohio.
We met the Bradford students for breakfast in Woodbridge, VA at the Old Country Buffet where we learned that three other schools from southwest Ohio were using the Old Country Buffet as their morning breakfast location too. Jack and I were worried about being late so we were on the road in the dark by 6:15 A. M. to make sure that we allowed enough time to get across the county.
So when we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant at 7:10 A.M. we immediately saw two big travel buses from Buckeye Charter Services in the parking lot and empty! Oh, my we must be late and they have already gone inside to eat I told Jack! But we were not late, these two buses were from Riverside, Ohio.
Soon my niece Debbie and her son Brandon arrived on another Buckeye Charter bus and we greeted them and then went inside to find tables for eating and chatting. In this photo the students discovered that they could have among many things fried chicken and soft serve ice cream for breakfast. Many opted for the ice cream.
Here is my niece Debbie sitting across from my husband Jack.
And here is Debbie standing by that big Buckeye Charter bus that was well decorated with patriotic flags.
Aunt Joann and Debbie posing for Jack's camera. Our dark eyes and dark hair and short stature? are family traits. But I am 18 years older than my niece.Another mom volunteered to take this group photo of our breakfast meeting. Left to right: Debbie, son Brandon, Aunt Joann and Uncle Jack. Debbie Wirrig and Brandon Wirrig posing for the camera and getting excited about visiting The Holocaust Museum in the morning and Arlington National Cemetery in the afternoon. The students will gather at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to have a student wreath laying ceremony and to see the changing of the guard. My niece Debbie in 1980 was one of the attendants for the Little Miss Chick Pageant for Poultry Days in Versailles, Ohio! Debbie has kept her good looks. Our final photo: Aunt Joann and niece Debbie are pointing to the name Buckeye on the side of the charter bus. I saw lots of folks wearing Ohio State sweat shirts exiting all the charter buses from Ohio.


Beth said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog. I found it through a most unlikely source--my cousin Texican--I share your political views much more than his so followed your link to find out more about you who were wise and brave enough to present him with another side of the election.

I live in Maine but have a strong DC link. One daughter graduated from GWU last May and another is a sophomore. I go down at least once a semester to sightsee and see my daughter(s). I am sure to enjoy following your blog.

fishing guy said...

Joann: It is wonderful that you have some Buckeyes visiting DC. It is always nice to have family near and have the ability to have a reunion with loved ones.

Very patriotic music on your site today. 'God Bless America' and may the vote get America out of the mess we have made in the last 8 years.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like everyone was having a nice time. By the way, I had an aunt that was married to a Wirrig at one time. From the Darke County area. She died, she was a lot older than he was, her first husband was a lot older than her and when he passed away, she went for a younger man. LOL


How exciting :) Another visit. What a handsome young nephew he is. Is it a trick of the light- or does his hair have a bit of red in it?

It's interesting when I read your posts, because I can hear you speaking them in my mind!