Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Reader: What Happened?

Blog Reader: So what happened last night?
Joann: Jack and I got Booed!
Blog Reader: When did you learn that you had had the boo treatment?
Joann: When Jack came back from setting out the garbage receptacles for Thursday morning trash pickup he noticed this spider bag sitting by our front entrance.
Blog Reader: Scary! Scary! What did you do"

Joann: Well, Jack brought it inside the house and told me about it when he came to bed after midnight.
Blog Reader: You were asleep?
Joann: That's correct but hearing about what he found on the front step woke me up and sent me charging down the stairs to take a little peek.
Blog Reader: So what did you find?
Joann: All this chocolate candy plus a Dr. Oetker German Lava Cake Mix and a mini cake pan and a Boo Message.
Blog Reader: What did the Boo Message say?
Joann: A lot. A lot. So I'm going to boldly type what the note said.
The air is cool, the season Fall
Soon Halloween will come to all.
The spooks are after things to do....
In fact, a spook brought this to you.
Boo is a shield from witching hour.
Just hang it up and watch its power.
The treat that came with crumpled note,
Is yours to keep: Enjoy them both.
The power comes from friends like you,
will carry this and make it two.
Just one short day to work your spell,
or a big ZAP will strike your tail.
so, don't forget a nifty treat,
something cute or something sweet...

You have been BOOED! Please keep it going by following these drections:
1. Enjoy your treat.
2. Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window.
3. Within 2 days, make 2 copies of this note, make 2 treats and 2
Boo signs.
4. Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends without a BOO.
5. Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it
spreads by Halloween.


fishing guy said...

Joann: That is simply wonderful, what a nice way to share.

DragonQuilter said...

Tee hee I got Booed as well this past weekend! Fun isn't it!!