Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Realize.........

Do you realize that four weeks from this very Monday we will be waking up and wondering who we are going to finally vote for as president? And do you realize too how dirty and ugly the campaigns for each candidate will get now. I always think that is such a dirty trick to pull on such a beautiful month as October. Do you have any thoughts/opinions/cuss words on politics, the candidates, the campaigns, etc. Well, speak now by leaving me a comment or forever hold your peace because you are running out of time to make your personal views known.

I do have a couple opinions that I will share with you.

This isn't rocket science. You don't need to listen to all those political pundits. Just use your good judgment and commonsense.

We don't need to listen to any more debates. We have now seen and heard all four candidates debate. The last two debates will just be repeats of previously spoken political sound bites. Judgments are formed within
20 seconds of meeting someone. It is your gut reaction. I say go with your gut reaction whatever that might be. Only watch the last two debates if you are hard up for a TV show with passive aggressive violence.

Do you realize that the $700,000,000,000 that Congress last Friday voted to fund to refund our banks and savings and loan would probably be available to pay off that loan if someone had decided to siphon off all campaign finances of each candidate that ran for president. I bet all the money spent by all the various presidential candidates including Ralph Nader and Ron Paul and Giuliani and Clinton and Romney and Huckabee and Edwards and the money spent by the lobbyists and political action groups would come close to the number posted above.
Always vote like your life depends upon it and that you may never get another chance to ever vote again.
Always vote for your pocketbook! Money may not buy you happiness and love but money is the bottom line in life. You need money to be born and money to eat while you are here and money to put you away when you die.So always vote for your pocketbook and leave party affiliations aside. They don't matter since both major parties are outdated entrenched entities that have gotten to0 big for their britches and the minor parties just don't do anything to get elected but do take precious votes away from the two major players in the election.
Don't vote just to make a political statement like save the earth, save the military, save the rights of women, save the rights of the hooded owl, save the rights of the under 35 generation, etc. I repeat: don't vote just to make a political statement. Do vote for the candidate who is running for office because political statements can evaporate while the candidate doesn't and will be in the Oval Office for four long years.
If you haven't decided by now who you are going to vote for, you have some serious issues with reaching closure or else you are a pathological liar.
Don't vote for the best looking candidate or the best dressed candidate. Do vote for the candidate that will be best for the good of America in the long run. A corollary of this is don't vote for the best looking candidate for first lady or first spouse. Jackie Kennedy had the looks and clothes and money but Eleanore Roosevelt did more good things for America in the White House even though she never would have won a contest for personal beauty and best dressed lady. Bessie Truman and Mamie Eisenhower also were not flashy ladies but they were both good role models for future first ladies.
In the voting booth it is every man and woman for themselves. You need to leave the opinions of your parents, spouse, co-workers, neighbors, children, sweetheart outside the voting booth and just vote for the person you think is best and want to see reach the highest office in the land.
You won't get to the voting booth if you haven't registered to vote.
Make sure you are registered. Time for registering for voting is running out fast!


DragonQuilter said...

First of all I love the music that comes up when I go to your site today!!
Secondly I am in total agreement with your points 1-10. I was raised that if you don't vote you don't get to complain the next had a chance to express your thoughts through your vote so use it....then you can complain!

fishing guy said...

Joann: I think that anyone who doesn't vote has no right to complain about the mess we are in today.

The Texican said...

Very good J & J. I do not like the bailout. I think we needed to punish the wrongdoers and not our children and their children. They will be the ones saddled with the repeat performance by these robber barons, and the tax bill. I will remember who voted to cushion the blow for their buddies (on both sides of the aisle). I'll also expose those who got us into this mess as soon as I get all the necessary information. Very timely post. Thank you for caring enough to put this together for us. Pappy


#2 made me laugh so much I spilt my cereal :)

And music? Very fancy!!

Wanda said...

Great music to read and think by!!

You did a great job giving your common sense answers.

If everyone would just vote that way we'll come out better.

#8 sure has a lot of truth in it!

jill said...

Gordon Lightfoot, Rick Nelson, Neal Diamond...refreshing.

Sad to say we will be voting 'against' rather than 'for' a candidate next month.