Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jack Aidan 's Little Baby Report

Grandpa and Grandma told me all about The Great Pumpkin and how he now mostly lives in the blog world but he can sometimes still be found in the fall in a sincere pumpkin patch like the one Linus sat in long ago. The Great Pumpkin is like Santa Claus in that he represents faith, hope and charity in acts great and small that make the world a better place.

Grandma planted the beautiful buckeyes that The Great Pumpkin sent to her from Ohio.
Grandpa hung that buckeye poem and picture above my changing table so that I can think of how big buckeye trees grow from pretty little round buckeye seeds. When I have my diaper changed and I look at the top photo I can't believe my little tush and feet were once that small. My goodness, I am surely growing big and strong just like a buckeye!
And I learned that I'm not the only kid who can have a future encounter with The Great Pumpkin. All kids big and little and old and young can encounter The Great Pumpkin. Why just think of Grandma. She's really, really old and she got to encounter The Great Pumpkin this past week.
Look at that beautiful October sky. It reminds me of The Great Pumpkin. Remember that he can be everywhere at the same time just like a blog and be in every home around the world at the same time just like a blog. Now isn't that just amazing! And remember too that he can bring you treats, happiness and joy if you are sincere and truly believe.

If you know someone who needs an encounter with The Great Pumpkin, just tell them about Grandma. Just maybe The Great Pumpkin will hear their wishes in the evening sky and make an encounter trip tomorrow or the next day.

Now that I have finished my report I'm going to sit here by the fire and hold my little pumpkin and think of The Great Pumpkin.


Anonymous said...

From one great pumpkin to another, have a nice Sunday today. Beautiful photos and great woven wordplays.

fishing guy said...

Joann: The Great Pumpkin hopes that the friendships formed through his coming to Virginia will flourish in little Jacks heart. I hope as he grows older at some point he is able to climb an Ohio Buckeye Tree. My grandson was just climbing through the branches on family night on Thursday.