Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jack and Jack Conversing

Jack and Jack Conversing
Grandpa: The Great Pumpkin Isn't Always In A Sincere Pumpkin Patch.
Jack Aidan: Why?
Grandpa: Because The Great Pumpkin Is Sincerity.
Jack Aidan: Why?
Grandpa: The Great Pumpkin Can Be Anyone Who Shows Faith, Hope and Charity.
Jack Aidan: Where You Going With This Thought?
Grandpa: I'm Not Going Any Further. Grandma Can Explain It Better. Grandma, Get Out of the Mum Bed and Tell Jack About The Great Pumpkin.
Grandma: I'm Not in the Mum Bed, Silly. I'm Planting Buckeyes!

Story to be continued in tomorrow's post.

News Flash!

Roll on down on the left till you come to Wings and Things and click because the Bird Lady down the road from me has a cute photo of chipmunks that will put a big smile on your face this Thursday morning. Oh, how adorable! By the way, I caught two chipmunks mating in broad daylight yesterday on my brick patio. I told them to go get a motel room at the Comfort Inn on #29.


fishing guy said...

Joann: Planting Buckeyes, oh my. I can hardly wait until you explain that to little Jack.

I loved Helen's post, where are your chipmunk mating photos?


Makes me want to watch The Peanuts!! What a classic :)

Looks like your 2 Jacks were enjoying themselves!

June said...

What's the gestation period on chipmunks?? Won't the babies have to wade through deep snow??? June

Anonymous said...

No, the baby chipmunks will be born and live underground and never feel the ice or snow and the first thing they will get to see is the green grass with dew on it this next spring. Their life is next o hibernation but never is hibernation like bears and other animals. They have their tunnel system divided into a toilet area, a food storage area and a sleeping area and a birthing area and nursery. Honest.

I also enjoyed your post and again thanks for your comment about the Native American post.