Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin and John McCain

Have you heard that the hottest costume for Halloween parties is not John McCain but Sarah "Miss Alaska" Palin! For every John McCain costume there are two Sarah Palin costumes. Here' the evidence. In the above photo we have two Sarah Palins: the Sarah Palin that was winner or runner up for Miss Alaska and the Sarah Palin who is running all over the country with Baby Trig in her arms in an outfit from Macy's campaigning for Vice President of the United States.

The Sarah in the suit I don't recognize but she sure is a va-va-voom cutie! If this gal can act/do comedy she can replace Tina Fey in the Saturday Night Live skits mocking Sarah Palin. The Sarah in the bright red dress is our daughter Jeanine's roommate, Maria! The young man impersonating John McCain had to use a lot of grey coloring to get his hair John McCain's color but he still looks youthful and much taller then John McCain really is.

Now the last person in the photo is our sweet little daughter Jeanine who decided to stick a pillow under her dress to portray Sarah's daughter who is in a family way. I took one look at the photo and had to have Jack take a quick look and then we both had to get a strong drink. Jeanine! Jeanine!

Our younger daughter just recently flew down to Houston, Texas for a wedding. Here are Jeanine and her beau Brian Rearick standing in the aisle of the Lutheran Church where the wedding ceremony took place. Brian was the best man for the groom. I think Brian and Jeanine look beautiful in this photo. The men in the wedding party wore long black tails and in this photo Brian reminds me of Johnny "the man in black" Cash.

Both our daughters have a soft spot for men with blue eyes! So does their mother.


The Texican said...

Beautiful daughters, and I'm proud they chose Republicans to emulate. Have a great Halloween. Pappy


She's beautiful!

The costumes are really great! I love the pregnant Bristol - and the baby Trig!!

fishing guy said...

Joann: Really neat photos. The kids look lovely and you have a right to be proud.