Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Faces of the Fallen

Faces of the Fallen

For over five years now the Washington Post has published these photos of the Faces of the Fallen

Two weeks from today, Wednesday, November 5'th, the U.S. Presidential election will be history. Life for these Americans is already history. Look at their pictures that were published October 21, 2008 in the Washington Post. Read their names out loud to yourself.

Think of how they must have suffered and died in Iraq then remember each and everyone of them when you vote November 4'th. Think of their weeping comrades and families and friends. Think of how we can work together, Republican and Democrat to end the need to publish more of these photos of the Faces of the Fallen. Also think of the thousands of wounded Americans returning to the U.S. from the Iraq War and the ways we must help them return to their prewar lives as best as possible. These wounded will be a tremendous economic burden on America but if anyone needs the Federal government to bail them out, these folks do deserve it. Many times more than the CEOs on Wall St.

Also think of the dead and wounded from the war being waged in Afghanistan. From this same website you can view the Faces of the Fallen from Afghanistan. Life for them is also history.

Again look at the faces and read out loud their names and think of how they suffered and died for us in Afghanistan.

While both political parties and both politcal candidates have been campaigning these folks have given their lives for our right to vote. So for the faces pictured here please exercise your right to vote. I think it is your solemn duty to vote on November 4'th.

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fishing guy said...

Joann: I know I will vote and I'm definetly voting to end this war. It is getting us nothing but sorry and debt.