Friday, October 10, 2008

The Story of the Great Pumpkin Encounter

Grandma Tells Jack Aidan How She Encountered The Great Pumpkin In Virginia Jackie Bear: Grandma Be Quick and Tell Me The Story of the Great Pumpkin Encounter in Haymarket, Va.
Grandma: The Great Pumpkin Now Operates From The Blog World. The Great Pumpkin Is Like Santa Claus In That He Represents Big And Little Signs of Faith, Hope and Charity Thru Both The Telling of Tales and Fables and The Giving Of Gifts Of All Kinds.
Jack Aidan: So What Happened, Grandma, Did You Hear A Tale Or Get A Gift?
Grandma: I Opened The Front Door And Discovered A Big Box From Ohio Delivered By UPS.

Jack Aidan: Grandma,What Did You Do Then?

Grandma: I Opened The Box And Found Lots of White Plastic Nuts. Then I Dug Deeper Into The Box And Found That.

Jack Aidan: What Was That?

Grandma: Those Were Buckeyes Wrapped In Ohio Newspaper.

Jack Aidan: Was There Anything Else In That Box Besides Buckeyes?

Grandma: Yes, Jackie Bear, There Was More.

Jack Aidan: What Was It,Grandma?

Grandma: It Was A Framed Photo Of That Buckeye Tree In Fishing Guy's Yard And A Printout Copy Of The Buckeye Poem I Wrote Last Month As A Comment On Fishing Guy's Blog.

Buckeye Poem

Come to Ohio to see

Buckeyes thicker than flies.

Many kinds you will see.

One is a nice green tree

That grows up to the skies

With blossoms for a bee.

One is a football team

Scoring touchdowns way high

And winning with a scheme.

One has a wild fan club base.

When red and white colors fly

All Ohioans keep pace.

Here's to all the Buckeyes.

Columbus is the place.

Let football fly her skies.

And when the game is done

And Buckeyes leaves do fall

The Bucks are number one.

Jack Aidan: Golly, Grandma, The Great Pumpkin Does Exist And You Can Encounter Him In A Pumpkin Patch, Or In A Mum Bed Or In A Blog!

Grandma: Yes, You Can Jackie Bear. Now I'm Going To Have Your Grandpa Hang That Buckeye Photo And The Poem That Is In That Fancy Brown And Gold Frame Right Above Your Changing Table. That Way You Can Study It While Mommy Changes Your Diaper And You Can Remember That You Go Back In Family History To A Long Line Of Buckeyes!

Tune In Tomorrow For More Buckeye Photos And News Of The Great Pumpkin And How You Just Might Encounter Him Too.

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fishing guy said...

Joann: It is with pure enjoyment that I get to hear your conversation with Little Jack. It's great that this remebrance will hang above the changing table as a reminder of the Buckeye Tree that can (make new little trees).