Monday, October 20, 2008

What A Wonderful October Weekend

What a wonderful October weekend we just had from beginning to end. From the early morning meeting on Friday at the Golden Corral with the Russia Raiders (Go Russia!) to the Sunday late afternoon Oktoberfest party that Jack and I hosted at our home for the neighborhood gang on the loop.

Dickie and Scott were our co-hosts and brought over the best potato pancakes along with shrimp steamed in beer and apple pie and a lovely fall flower arrangement to grace my living room. Neighbor Carol whose daughter's photo of Battlefield's homecoming dance I had on my blog last Sunday did something really great. She provided her daughter to babysit the little kids on the stem in their finished basement so that the big folks could go party.

Neighbor Bev made a luscious German chocolate cake and Leia made her now famous/infamous marinated cheese. One guy just stood by that dish and ate the whole thing! I won't name names! Other neighbors trooped over lugging various kinds of beer and red and white wine. I contributed some of my old favorites: sausage stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs German style, various types of German sausage first poached in beer then grilled on the grill, beer cheese, red wine chocolate cake, triple chocolate brownies iced with German chocolate cake icing. This is about two thirds of the foods we served.

Everyone enjoyed everything except the dreaded pickled herring in sour cream. No man at the party was man enough to give that German delicacy a try. Anybody want some pickled herring? Just ring my doorbell and I'll treat you to some.

Scott and I discovered that those thin and crisp gingersnap cookies made in Hannover, PA are really extra delicious dipped into a glass of red wine! Who knew. We created a new and different wine/food paring.

The word went forth from Joann and Jack that anyone showing up wearing a Halloween costume would get free beer and wouldn't you know it the one fellow who showed up wearing a mighty fine costume wasn't allowed to get his beer reward because he is only one year old. You can just about guess who that was. Tomorrow I'll post a photo of das mous meister who captivated the party guests until he got sleepy and had to leave to go take a needed nap.

Blog News Flash!
I have on my blog roll to the left two mighty fine food blogs: The Pioneer Woman Cooks and The Whistle Stop Cafe. Today the pioneer woman is talking about making a pumpkin whiskey cake and the whistle stop cafe lady is discussing homemade chocolate raspberry ice cream. You would think that I couldn't look at another delicious food treat but I've learned that I'm always up for that challenge. Anyway if you like good food, check out these two blog sites. Both are awesome!



I agree! Beautiful weekend and it sounds like you made the most of it :)

I'm curious - hoe are German style deviled eggs different? They sure sound good- but can they beat Pat Wyndam's eggs? That will be tough!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Glad you had a wonderful week-end. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. My Sat. was a terrible day, Sunday was some better. Give the grand babies big hugs.

DragonQuilter said...

One truely amazing thing was how little food was actually left! It was sooooooo delicious, so of course why leave any!
Great block party Jack and Joann!

fishing guy said...

Joann: I hope Little Jack didn't even get a sip for wearing a costume. LOL
Sounds like a fun party and I'll pass on the pickled herring.
BTW: Have you tried anything for the My World post? It's not too late to jump on board. I do want you to share. Just say me, me, I want on board.