Sunday, October 5, 2008

Running the Credits and Movie Out Takes

Please Roll The Credits and Out Takes Please.
Let's Start With Daughter Jennifer Pictured Here With Butch Learning To
Ride A Very Old Horse.
Now Let's Give A Big Hand To The Accounting Firm of Father Jim and Father TJ.
Here Is Father Jim Explaining Some High Movie Finance To Missy Mia.
Father Jim Explains That Movie Accountants Learn To Cut Corners.
See Evidence Of This In Picture Below.

Father TJ Crawls Thru A Finance Lesson With Jack Aidan.
Jack and Joann Are Estactic. They Think That They Have Such A Movie Hit On Their Hands That They Are Already Dreaming About Attending The Academy Awards Show in Formal Dress and Tux.
Below Is The Celebrity Couple From NARFE That They Want To Party With At The Awards Banquet.

Below The Movie Producer, Grandpa Terry, Explained To The Two Actors, Missy and Jack Aidan, How To Say That Western Greeting: "Howdy"!

Both The Movie Director And Set Designer, Grandma Patty, Listened To The Young Actors' Request For More Sippy Cups And Diapers. The Producer Suggested That They Put That Suggestion On The Changing Table For Discussion With The Stockholders.

In The Photo Below The Producer, Grandpa Terry, Explains To Cape Cod Jack That The Big Dog Boggey Can't Be Used As A Horse For Butch. Don't Get Any Ideas, Grandson.

Grandma Patty, The Very Patient Movie Director, Explained That Shooting Shut Down For Both Naps and Diaper Changes.

Grandma Patty Said That Making The Movie Was Fun But Kept Her Hands Full And Directing Three Babies In A Film Was Like Trying To Herd Cats.

That's All Folks. Elvis Has Left The Movie Theater And Now You Can Too.

The End

Tomorrow Is Monday.

Back To The Work Week. No More Movies Or TV Shows Till Next Weedend.

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fishing guy said...

Joann: How very cute to wrap-up the movie with a grand group of people.

You do look like you are ready for the Academy Awards.