Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Went On A Hayride Today

Jack Aidan went on a hayride today at Cox's Farm.
Jack Aidan brought along Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma and his sippy cup.

We all met quite a few characters in the fields. This one was a hobo.
This fellow looked like a football player who had seen better days.
We got to watch this Holstein cow get milked.
We saw and smelled the little pigs.
Jack Aidan could tell that this little fellow could really use his sippy cup!
Jack Aidan led Grandpa all thru the goat field.

Mommy and Jack Aidan both enjoyed the pumpkin and mum display.
And we had an unexpected encounter with The Great Pumpkin.
He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

We grabbed a bite of lunch. The boardwalk fries were very good.
We listened to Frank Cassel play children's, folk, bluegrass and original music on his banjo. Frank has a web site: http://www.banjomanfc.com/.
Frank sang a cute song about dying and going to blog heaven. Who knew?
When we exited the festival we each got a free little pumpkin to take home with us. Finally we were back on the road again and then little Jack fell fast asleep.
What a great day!
Tomorrow I'll post the short movie I made of our hayride.



I LOVE how they crash like that after a fun outing! It makes you feel like they wore themselves out having fun and new experiences :)

How did he like the hay ride?

fishing guy said...

Joann: I really like how little Jack had a nice rest.