Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Voted Yesterday - Jack Voted Yesterday

I voted for my choice for president and vice-president yesterday and Jack did too. We drove to Manassas in Prince William County and found the voting office on Lee St. We went in and filled out an absentee voter form, showed our Id's and then waited till the ladies found our voting info stored on the computer. Then the older gentleman guarding the entrance to the voting room handed each of us a plastic card that we would need to insert in the computer to bring up the voting screens. In less then 25 seconds we had finished our point and touch voting and were back out on the street with our little I Voted Sticker. What a great feeling to know that my vote is now stored in the voting box and I don't have to worry about wind, rain, long lines or unexpected health or car problems on election day. The people at the voting office told us to tell our friends about early voting so I am.


fishing guy said...

Joann: I'm proud that you did your part to decide this election. It seems like everyone are reporting different things about how it's going. I just hope we get out of the mess we are in today.


I am planning to go tomorrow morning! Thanks so much for the tip!!

How long is the time you are allowed to absentee vote? I know it ends soon.

What was your "reason" that you gave? I am wondering if there is a box I can check that says, "too many children".

I've been dreading the thought of those lines. Yippee!

DragonQuilter said...

I'm going Sat (yes they are open Sat morning) with Scott to do this very thing!!

Linda Reeder said...

We voted by mail this week. Most of our state votes by mail now, and it will be completely mail in by next year. But I didn't get a sticker.

June said...

This post KNOCKS ME OUT! Do you have a Yogi book?? I will be SO GLAD if this election comes out the way we want it to. The ugle rumors are flying. Some guy is trying to prove that Obama isn't a citizen. Your posting frequency has really gotten out of hand. Are you taking something?? Love, a fellow Democrat, June